Saturday, May 31, 2014

a wizard, a true star

cheeba cheeba, y'all.

coppernicuss chillin on p. beach

distracted by meditation tree

drunk in love.

flowers of evol

ghost variations

naked in green

grins for no reason

growing up old while the mind softens.

he aint give ya none, diddy?

he trots along rubbing my thigh. i reach down rubbing his padded cranium as we go.

ever since hush had a pup.

meet us on the island, 

thee ghosts of exposition.

world, i'll melt with you.

mister got a bottle and a ball in his mouth and i got a lovely smile.

motherboard at p. beach.

my posse gone get some.

singing into a rope.

what up you spect me to just folla you yes i do

you dig my rap. what rap.

Friday, May 30, 2014

one picture a day.

a water spirit

never kill

the beast

you can't kill the beast

latent presence

when your ideas of water meet with water they are water and everyone everywhere is immersed in the same mystery

after all 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

one picture per day. viewer choose.

for the gypsy that remains

my hostility to descartes is so intense i might be called the descartes of anti-cartesianism.  j cocteau

ornamental trees are falling down.

what's so funny? i don't know! everything!

watching squirrel tv on the roof

those you wish to meet you may one day meet them and not see them

copp from under water

come on get happy

you spend your time trying to be and that prevents you from living.  j.cocteau