Sunday, August 31, 2014

a drop of rain 
a beautiful old woman

a woodland butterfly garden  

a cicada underside

a cicada abstract

cloud union

copp observing the comings and goings of samantha

a dream walk 
even pascal could have swum, but i suppose not here

even when i was really cracked and no one claimed to know 
furtherance of other aim
he sam, i got your ball  ( ...  )

hey, sam!

i just met a cowgirl. her name is samantha. 
i think i'm well over you now so why am i telling you this, you who would never bother, but i saw nymphomaniac part one and couldnt help think of you goddam.

i'm glad this was not my best day or i'd be sad but it was damn good 

i'm just happy

but sometimes when i'm pensive i think of hands

though paws are good enough

did you know viagra comes from a word in another language meaning tiger? 

wondering what she sees in me 

they said we'll never change but we always do nothing but and it's sad they never see

everything now is simply trying to impress the dog



warp spider

i have tried in my way to be free like leonard cohen but without the beautiful women and the smoky voice but i'll always be a freak of nature and american alas 
followers of woodland flowers

Saturday, August 30, 2014

this leap for dominique

eric rohmer refuses to appear, but he has actors and producers to appear for him.

even as a kid a certain phrase obsessed me,  for we believed in love, and that always prevails. obsession.
the closest i could get is a fairy tale of wordless improvisation. 
for the soul there's no prison, but for there body oh yeah.

sing along, god help, the beast in me 

he's a complex character

he's sneaky, and opportunistic, but he never lies.

i feel i've always known him, and will always be getting to know him.

i know, copp, the poverty of language, yet sometimes i still like the sound, of course it's idiotic to strive for the impossible expression, but sometimes a certain cadence, though perhaps practically senseless, becomes a song.

i mean this leap for dominique

i was a solitary curious child

i'm curiouser too 
is it a sin if nuns are found erotic if your not religious 
it all works out in the end cloud diary ancient today dont ask me how i know

i like the proof sheet size pictures diminutive nostalgia not just cuz their cute but they look better reduced.

it's a third eye, it really helps to focus and trust. 
if i was to paint a hopper i might make her soft though this was accidental and i'm not a painter. more of a pointer.

muttering on the roof to heaven

my scrawny scrappy boy

the melancholy mystery of father floats like a stone

the spirit at swim is more eloquent than the empty rhetoric of eternal truth 
ok this leap for dominique.

we all have, without exception, the right to love, but we must start from what we are.
and we can have faith without hope 
what is accident. what accidie.