Sunday, July 21, 2019

what did you think of Hale County This Morning, This Evening? i admit to being bored for a while and then startled and in awe sometimes. i was surprised to see that Apichatpong Weerasethakul was the creative advisor, but i can see why.  let me know what you think. you needn't spell it out, just think it.
give yourself away. we dint come here to play with the devil, we come to get what heaven has.

waited til the movie guilty men was done then it was garbage run so we're trapped up here so i feed mister his food but his nuggets are frozen what the hell he don't care he loved the watermelon popsicle i shared with him so then the elevator comes and it's pouring rain and he's moving like dog shaped sludge and zigzagging so i gotta keep switching umbrella hand and he's just looking for sidewalk treats he doesn't hafta poop but you never know though you do if you read him right so we go back in and press the elevator button and wait, no sound so we check the mail 15 seconds the elevator has come and gone the same elevator that's so slow it seems to be in another dimension and while you watch the number lights you go into that dimension or bonkers and then it comes but margaret's coming off remarking i got a dog now and directly he's burrowing his wet snout in her fresh pants and she's backing off and the elevator's closing and i say mister come on and he doesn't hear so i tug his leash and put my arm to stop the elevator door and the elevator door is senseless of my arm and begins to crush and i finally wedge my body in and it says oh why didn't you say you wanted to get on and i sigh and as soon as we get up the sun comes out .

there are no borders on earth 
no boundaries of self 
between self and world 
there is integrity
there is continuity 
there is the soul of the world
between us the soul of the world
we got to stop giving our money to thugs whose only work is to exploit us and our earth.

when we saw sunny his mom said is that chiara? then, by the swamp, along comes chiara, and sara. three goldens and their devotees meeting, what are the chances? good! 

we went to try the water but it was curling and crashing and we were afraid for our bodhis. who knows what will come. a fog a wind thunder and rain now light again we don't know perpetual change is all we know.

sara mentions she has to get back to her book and that there's a sanctuary in it threatened by a golf course and we talk about the keep tiger out of our woods (and obomba! i add) and she asks if i did those signs, no but i'd love to add and obomba! anyway life mirrors art mirrors life and the only thing we know is change and we are so devoted to the things that remain that change for the good, like golden bodhisattvas we're so lucky to have. and we say all hope for saving jackson park from the privatizers is not lost: we have mister epstein who is a fighter and at least as tough as obomba, and though a friedmanian, he hates obomba, so he's our man. all he has to do is fight obomba (and tiger) off and protect our park, which is no small feat, granted, but we think he is smarter than obomba who's arrogance and hubris impedes his thinking, and though maybe not as richly connected he knows the law, and he has the commons, and the people, and the greater good on his side, even if some people think obomba is still a community activist! hahaha. i tell sara we just need somebody who's smarter than obomba but not as evil as trump, somebody who wants to do good even if his motivation is to thwart another friedmanian capitalist.