Friday, June 22, 2018

 magic circle.

 bella luna.

luna is four months old. yesterday i wondered if i would be up to her. today nothing bothered me. i let her explore and we ran and we were calm and happy. yesterday's gone. i'm not worried anymore.
i dab lavender on my temples and magic oil on my fore lobe and put on my amber beads. i was unaware of the solstice, caught up in my own sunless struggle. i'm usually on dog time, but often on human time a proverbial day late. mister is the messenger, my soulstice sun, and i'm soaking up his radiance today in the absence of the original one.

i feel a swell of grateful love this morning, and i grant myself credence for what mister and i have done. i'm not as bad as my dad or i say, i must say. 

maybe i could have been a trainer, but as a walker i've done more than train, i've shared life with my dogs, every day, for years. this experience is more than i can say.
america makes me very sad. what is different today? the rain is more than rain.
i'm glad to see some americans on conscience and compassion rising up against the government today. maybe the last vestige of freedom in america is the freedom from being bombed by america. is it better to be free from america's bombs in america's prison? if we had to choose would we still be american? even americans would choose life in prison over death, right?
kiss. now into the rain world.