Wednesday, July 31, 2013

little orange flags, dirt mounds, a hose we pee into, extending our nasty joy, a can of smutty mags in a flattened weed circle, a boy says hey that's doug's mom, naked, on a horse! that's your mom! and i can't breath and i'm not sure it isn't. (from Subdivisions.)

no one asks any questions. sometime someone might sift through the information like a tired attendant sweeping. ashes, radiation.

i suppose my whole life has been living inside the atomic shadow (so i'm a little testy).

i remember watching dad smoke. the powder blue thunderbird with circle windows in back. i wanted to grow up fast so i could smoke like that. i remember wind ashes burning my eyes, sorrow anger.

or lithe in the wood.

the age of understatement is more difficult to determine as it gets older.

the era of understatement is upon us.
is it the way it works or the way it is.

slow turn.

some effort turns you on, some effort makes you sad.

the burden of our nature.

ian was frantic today. there was only one leash and no malcolm. fear rose in me as malcolm is so old. then i learned he was just getting his teeth cleaned. ian was elated by the freedom of not being tethered to his old partner. though i'm sure he was anxious and pining again when i left.

Monday, July 29, 2013

the boys are here.

thus concludes our afternoon walk.

so long.

meanwhile cop does his own thing

his own thing

like no one else.

and now barney 
is lost in bliss

that's my impression. 
if he is not lost in thought, or is

he might find 

a bone that still is good.

what has this

got to do

with anything

thank you you are welcome

please call me carolina.

i love that song you know it carolina on my mind?

i sing it to myself swaying here on a stalk in the meadow and in my mind i travel.

barney encounters an obstacle.

barney turns around.

barney crosses over.

into the wildflower jungle.