Sunday, May 31, 2015

my little black-capped chickadee. two days ago i was sweating, today i'm sweatered. we came upon this fledgling on the sidewalk calling for help so i picked him up and took him to the produce market and she gave me a brown paper bag and i sais mybe i'll just let her ride my finger. then i called the wildlife rescue and she said i think it's a black-capped chickadee and recommended i put it in a tree in the same spot and watch from a discrete distance and i did and she hoped upward calling and calling and a robin came by but i didnt see her parents though i'm sure i heard her mother's voice in the 55th street canopy. good luck, my little chickadee!

all the water came from comets?

free will and state control.

i don't feel that violence in the media causes violence, on the contrary, i feel that it causes passivity, and inaction, and paralysis. camille

not a fable it's a forecast.

it's pretend. they pretend. you have top humor them without making them feel small and absurd. they're just human.

the water link.

you're shittin' me, right?
ethically neutral.



kickin' it radical.

kickin' it wit buttah.

i like to be chased, but not by you.

livin' large.

my moms is the bomb.

i don't like skinheads neither.

the ambiguities of the dog world.

totally fuckin' kickin' it.

yarbles. (buttah).

i give you yin you give me yang or visa versa i don't mind.
you give me no.

happiness of swallows

swallowing horizon

swallow lights

point of swallows


Saturday, May 30, 2015

i added the sun but that didn't help me to swim it's post psychology i mo get my brother's wetsuit on my ass tomoro.

wig wampum fetch.

comphund green.

copp's first nekked swim.

i got a devil's haircut in my mind.

copp in the grass.

every day the terrible fatigue of existing is made buoyant by swimming.

eyes in grass, cottonwood fluff melting.

follow that flag.

his butt looks so small.

looking out on the morning rain under a poofy dome.

mister looks small and vulnerable without his long coat.

stepping through the sea wall.

the inner pup revealed.

remember that book, naked came i? what was that about? i was talking with a trumpet player the other day about deep throat the movie and linda lovelace for president and the other deep throat of watergate and recalling to john how my mom had a beyond the green door party which i wasn't privvy too, i just saw the door and sure it wasn't an orgy but it just goes to show how porn is a levelling force when a cocksucker can be president and a deep throat can bring one down.

the populace has a sincere suicidal desire to be deceived.

the waiting accumulates until we can wait no more.

under the sea wall i spy on the copp.

we can't stop the killing but we do float.

you look funny copp.