Wednesday, December 31, 2014

oh one more thing.

don't worry about fat content.

oh by the way or did i already say, my friend Arwynne(sp?) is happily adjusted now in her Thunderwear. i though it was a joke when i recommended it to the Thor-struck Hilde, but it really works! recommend it to all your autistic friends!

     arise ye slaves no more in thrall

bless this soul.


but what does it mean? i don't know fen, but i don't like it. let's get out of here.

crazy eyes, lazy speech.

dominique sanda, ,,,,

fenway ambivalent about coat or i put it on wrong, it seems to get in the way of his peeper.

i think it's too cold for ghosties today.

the stride.

i'm a little nervous, partly out of fatigue, partly out of my new years dog party in a mansion.

copp loves but not as well as a coat.

lady winnevere in her elegant snood.

little bird, i don't know what is happening today.

Look the Other Way

mon dieu.

entreating the ice bear deity

some things will never change, even if we redact them, lock them in a secret archive under a statute of limitations, consign them to the madness of a primitive past, put them in the memory hole of every bi-ped, or blame the ghost of hitler. but that isn't what fen and i were cogitating upon while on our walk. i don't know what we were thinking, so i put what i was thinking during and after the afterword of zone of interest.

sunrise, sunset. i was surprised i had never seen fiddler on the roof before. and delighted at finding that it wasn't fey or kitsch or whatever. it was genuine, with great people.

the winds of freedom are beginning to blow, all over america. and it's cold as fucking hell.

trudition, my skinny bum.

yum, sunchokes. thanks becky!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

featuring a little dude with a big yen for rawhide.

barney today was bodily trapped entire under the king bed barking. i had to lift with one hand and fish him out with the other, wrenching my back. i think he's trying to burrow for safe comfort and winds up getting the opposite. i closed the door and removed his bed to the office by the window. he looked a tad dismayed.

rawhide! oh baby.

i'm passionate, fenway, but i've never really gone after what i want.

 littleist dude-sicle did a funny klingon dance today. i exploited his distress with my camera, then did a manual extraction. he bee-lined for the door and i urged him for a couple more brisk sorties and acquiesced to his lust for rawhide, chasing him around the apartment.

love is.. a new rawhide and a scalp massage.

lustrum: zone of indifference.

a free discard.

oy vey, fenway! you shouldn't outa eat your squeeky toys!

realm of simulacra.

i'm thinking of revisiting the chasm where turkey vultures float on thermals and i float up too. a nod to dan siegfried.

what if a man went through his own portal?

what if fenway and i switched bodies?
i'm sure he'd rather switch with john malkovich. but hey i'd rather switch with catherine keener. though i'm real curious about fenway's world.

Monday, December 29, 2014

this is a song about my swivel chair.

well, i don't have any lyrics. i'll hum the tune of my great good revolving chair.

wick still loves me though i neglect him for dogs. there's a time with loved animals that is continuous, that resumes each time of returning, that abides absence, that i've not experienced with humans. humans forget.

american football

american futbol

after parrot nest. the last time i saw this it was high atop and arc light above the tennis court and parrots swung from the wires. i never see dead parrots, i don't see parrots at all. and hawks seldom. and pat says all the birds are down, and their numbers will fall precipitously when the army corpse moves in.

copp and green tugboat hat

copp with vortex on his frontal lobe.

heaven, a no-place of criss-crossing con trails.

ain't no right or wrong only positive or negative outcome. war or more accurately hostile occupation theft and takeover is always a positive outcome for wall street and capitalism and only negative to the victims, who are subhuman terrorists anyway and only preserved to the degree justified by continued arms manufacture and expansion of empire. i'm reading martin amis' book  the zone of interest about the military industrial concentration complex and thinking how i used to just think the industry of entertainment based on the final solution was just simple minded death porn, but now in some recent offerings i think it is a frame for processing what is happening now, or still happening which was begun in the final solution, the modern military takeover of the planet, aligned since the reich demise with capitalism, which is undefeatable.

He plays with his Viper, he plays and he plays. he plays with his vipers, he plays and he plays. Darkness is a master from Germany. Look around: see how it all leaps alive- where death is! Alive.
The Zone of Interest, Martin Amis

we know it's different now, but not in the way indifference would like to believe.

the accumulation of capital covers the loss of life.