Monday, March 31, 2014

farewell jonathan schell.  the human shadow will be unwritten everywhere.

essay on Ossos obtuse and unpublishable nevertheless a paean

aireal bones

bones of light

call from mona who says she never called

stiff consciousness not yielding mystery

dogs no plot watcher

escape by mutations

experience stilted prior sub-abstraction

golf course carpet bones

locate feeling nowhere

my princess

post human poets


silent sounding

skintight bones

tent of bones faint radio 
thing watcher bemuse

hibernum replicants emerge from sky burrow to befuddling spring find copp all along

within beyond bone shadows

Sunday, March 30, 2014

bird and butterfly and copp and doug sanctuary. 

they say anxious for eager and nuculer for nuclear. who are they.

slow blast

draw what you're afraid of

a composer 


fuck bach

stump pulpit, for gabriela ortiz

gamelon gate

i was a gangster for capitalism. major smedley butler

writing on water

it's just business. it's murder.

the letter tree

mister fish

study says america thrives on sugar carbohydrates and insecurity

news for dogs

peeing picture

pink rooted air

praise him for his warm golden tones and synesthesia

president wherewolf

soft imperial shadow government. children starved for drones.

song of the sad earth

spring loping base

sweet boy

take me home

the more victims you make the more money


inverted bird god under l.s.d.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

bobolink meadow pause

driving range meadow border

o, pioneers.