Friday, May 31, 2013

barak obomba wants to do right, but only of his own recognizance. the other barak obomba just can't do right, he has too many evil masters. he may not even recall his own recognizance.

recognizance of the dog.

he knows about object permanence. he knows that i continue when i'm gone. be believes me when i say i'm coming back. but he lays his body tight to the wall, his nose just at the threshold of the door, his black eyes glowing, looking up at me leaving in a way like prayer.

i say, i will be back tomorrow, i love you, i love you.
that's just the way i see, i wanna know how you do.

do you often pass this way? (come hither flowers).

i hear flowers are laughing all the time.

i'm sorry (...?) i couldn't make the scene.

trying to catch up to a bumble bee who is busier than me.

wurm become mantis

                                       to sing tremolo.

i will grow into my eyes.

walking through the waterland i came upon my green brain grown contentedly independent of me.

keep asking questions, everything is depending

did you get lucky?
i think that it's my lucky day.
a baby praying mantis climbed onto my lens,
i felt him climbing with thin glassine feet onto my glass eye,
and i just knew that this was a good omen
to share with you.
do you think i could be disappeared for sedition?

it's not an ethic it's not a principle it's certainly not a law it's simply a place to stand unswept away.

i would sow my collected works to seed clouds if  i could collect them and yet i would not wish them to rain.

no sense of beauty. lacking sympathy for others. ignorant.

absence had changed nothing

the intellectual struggles of the sky writer were brief but enduring.

and it spake not but was fullsome and elegant the eye of god, and changed like the weather.

the signs on the bridges for dogs

are too high
saying no to dogs
too high for dogs
and the people of dogs
who are looking at their dogs
too high for the coyote who in any case
is typically not reading signs of that nature.
but they are just the right height for bird people, or perches
to look at dogs.

i myself resemble a puppet

whose strings are controlled by fate.
the only thing i got from all this reading
was the realization that books provide
no answers to burning questions. that we are directed
by our genes, the devil, or God, and
our will plays no roll at
the critical moments, that we
are simply knocked this way
and that by our various passions.

danilo kis

but scrofulus used colloquially and adjectively must mean a Pain in the Neck, and So Apt for the Wretched Grim Yapper And His Wife in the Jaunty Rakish Hat.

his climate policy is like unto the other one's education: evisceration.

if death is salvation sir you are saving a lot of people.

governments and corporations, slave masters and co-op boards,
we have to live with evil, but we don't have to be evil.

but goodness must be learned.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

thereby hangs the tail, or,

you snook up on me.

a small family of mushrooms found a sweet shade home under the umbrella of a large fungus in bobolink meadow thursday may 30, our year of the perpetual war god, 2013. 

despite the presence of evil on a massive scale, small, good, life, persists.

hey boy, i got to keep trackin' you?

silly old boy. 

water lily. opening today in a lagoon near you.

i felt the undeniably strong presence of evil this a.m. as i had to detour around obomba's haunts, but only saw one resident evil one on my walk, at the end, at the end of the alley, unseeing. so this was a very, very auspicious morning. plus a family mantis, a wonderful omen.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

i do want to understand. i know people are irrational and hide behind law and utilize it as a bludgeon to persecute those exceeding few of us with the audacity to train our dogs to enjoy freedom responsibly. i know they are diseased with fear in a culture that murders and wars with impunity. i know the victim mentality that needs ever smaller victims in the food chain of fear and repression. i will fight the puny tyrants. let them metastasize their hate within. not in public. then i may bid them peace and pray for light.

pacific setting for the freedom haters.

frick and frack, fossil zodiac.

did fracking etymologize from the mildly infamous frick and frack of my childhood? it's interesting to try and source evil.  my evil this morning in the good neighborhood was another fascist spitting bile at me for presuming the fredom to train my dog and have him off leash. he spat,  why don't you put your dog on a leash!  i said, why dont' you train your dog! he never stops barking, like you, he's vicious and rude! and you are a wretched miserable man!  he said, thankyou. i said, thank You!

recycle dog.

there are so many bottles on the playing fields after the kids leave that copper goes wild, unable to choose, writhing in a kind of desperate ecstasy, and ends up leaving all where they lay. just out of frame are several receptacles, but it's more fun to toss!

Monday, May 27, 2013

barak OBomba says, i love the smell of burning flesh on memorial day. i got you got we got he got an uncontrollable urge. remember terror never sleeps. sup yer local global war of terror.

OBomba says don't take troops for granted, we don't have enough drones yet.

welcome readers in russia! i am thrilled to have you. please send me notes!

after this it's hard to reconcile with a jumbo american fisherman who abhors freedom from the leash but here i return my spirit to rest on lilypads and aeration.

waiting patiently in the butterfly meadow
are you my visitor? are you my eye?

the head of god they uprooted is back in the lawn.

lightsome bodied


always return

to witness what is