Thursday, April 30, 2015

i look so old, john boner has already asked netinyahoo to speak at my funeral. barak obomba




art became

part became

party became


brushing mister

the birds will find copp's down good material for cozy nests.

blonde roots

copp and blonde bonnie share a rootball salad

the greatest code of all was the unconscious. leo marks, spy author of peeping tom.

lovers on the beach of arctic melt. i wish i were a golden boy that i may swim in chicago. now we live in vicarious hope. introjected. it's getting more savage, civilization, as the spoils increase. america the brand will rule offshore, the sovereign of savagery. but this has fuck-all to do with romance on pebble beach..

lucy into light

the mind can tell its unconscious

skyful of lucy

in my spare time

i struggle


two fictions.

barking tunnel

my retirement

the voyeur's invisibility

watch word

wm. tell cam