Friday, September 30, 2016

i get really scared and angry when i think of the american chemistry council. in bag it, one guy finally returns the call for an interview and can you believe it, his name is rob krebs- theft and cancer. he says he's sorry, he's on another call.
in the dark days, when i see fen curled up in a nest on the long red couch i want to lay down beside him and sleep til spring.
in kindergarden mom was called and told i kept leaving the playground following dogs.
the north pacific subtropical gyre is a swirling churning mass of plastic the size of the u.s. us? well, the u.s.

it photo-degrades, smaller and smaller, and the animals eat it and die, sometimes after traveling thousands of miles to mate.

now the ratio of plastic to plankton is 4o to 1

 and mom says i didn't create a hostile womb. i was just confused.

i have the feeling as she tells me i have to write fast or it'll go away and i'll get confused again.

 the father was away and that's how the ghost baby was born.
after rain, they love to be snuggled and rubbed up in a warm soft fluffy towel.
there've been robberies here, and every time i see them look i wonder what they heard.
now i'm reading a book about people who were evolutionarily situated to understand and code computers and i feel already extinct.
it is hard to wake up in the dark days. in the dark days i just want to sleep forever.

and the dark ain't even dark yet.
people say the weather is in my mind. all this, funny thing. and i notice though none of the people who tell me are out here in the weather with me, they remain in my mind.

 either way, i predict heavy weather.
last night while i was watching bag it, mom called. she read the blog about the ghost brother and wanted to tell me i had it wrong and i didnt cause a hostile womb that killed my brother and any way the baby was of undetermined sex. the baby was 7mos, 4lbs, and she buried him in the back yard. well, i guess he's still a ghost brother to me. everything becomes story otherwise it's just cold dead facts, possibly untrue. and the father was away, mom knows not where, and it was the day john kennedy died, and i was away, and so thanks for calling, mom. and then i finished watching bag it.
can you imagine the world without plastic?
imagine the world without environmentalists. with only chemicals and war.
para las animas perdidas.
i'm not thinkin bout hawaii when i'm here, but i might be thinkin bout here fi was in hawaii, nome sayin. i'm crazy dat way.

but sometimes i don wanna be here so i think about hawaii, but then i get upset cuz we stole it for the rich man and i aint rich so i gotta stay here.

i fly into a reflected sky! i feel i am doomed to fail.
ahhh, i am.
we, the heirs of doom.
ship shape shifter.
bring back the goat, and take the goddamn gun.
big game (he got).
we look at things the same, the same things, and draw our own conclusions.
i guess we're fighting for the bosses, we're fighting against nature and time.
the things that scare me are really scary. like what we used to call the government. that really scares hell out of me.
almen dopo il fato mio.
we still got democracy, but only in pods, there is no government out there.
stunned songbird by my door.
i'm disappointed turmeric isn't the miracle cure for mr. and i don't want to find out dandelion isn't the cure for cancer. but the rain it raineth every day. and the rain 
gets in your bones. at least i wore my rain pants today and my skeleton shoes.


Thursday, September 29, 2016

hersh, we forgot what we are fighting for. but it's nothing new, we've always been fighting against nature, for the plunder.
it's not about your cell phone, 
it's what you stand for,
we know it's hard to start reform,
the revolution's home,
but no one claims it.

*with apologies to simone white, for misquoting her fine song. i did look it up, and she said,  it's not that you're foreign
the revolution's born. but i like what i heard, both hers and mine, so i hope she won't mind. 
did you ever think this was the greatest country in the world? 
with freedom and democracy and suv's
for every boy and girl?

simone white,
the american war.   
remember the american war. you can't help where you're born.

simone white,
the american war. 
pull me out, will ya?

the wealthy escape to hawaii or some
stolen paradise. the rest
reap the storm. 
how you gonna be conscious of your own unconscious?
i don't know, the bi-cameral mind?
oh, right.

i guess beauty and horror have always gone together. think of those garlands of napalm bombs, and the drone strikes from space.
you can separate terror and flowers
in mind but they grow where they will.    
the spirit i used to know comes back to me
quite occasionally.
lecture from a bee.

you persist in studying what is going on inside your head, while
you could be studying what is going on without you.

easy for you to say, after all, you're a bee.  
fustration results as a result of promotion. 

the peter principle.
this life, incompetence naturally produces
sharp feelings of fustration, hints and foreshadowings.

the peter principle.
but you never gave me anything i could hold on to.
a song played randomly.
not failure, but fulfillment.
thinking of you.
lullaby to all
the plundered.