Saturday, February 28, 2015

and don't you know that god is pooh bear?  jack kerouac

a boy you should know

a song don't hafta be sung if it's in your heart.

bootless apologia.

by their fruits you shall know them, not their disclaimers.

i came to a crossroad

of day for night.

dharma bum.

don't worry mister, i mo take you to pebble beach with a golden boy soon.

flow bear

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i'm prouda you son.

talk slow

it ain't none of it my fault.

joy and suffering at a certain point become one taste, because it's existence itself, the crying over existence, the tears are an appreciation of existence,

and the suffering of existence, which is so deep it's joyful,             
and the beauty and mortality and sadness of leaving existence.   allen ginsberg
the pleasure and pressure of not appearing.

outlaw of the sensorium.

we're practicing the dharma together, though he would not perhaps put it that way as he's not as affected as me,

and he's far more poetic.

 salty tree by l.s.d.
save yourself, but don't forget about me.


a snowflake melts on a warm nose in the sun.

spare me the diseased alchemy of mercenary politicians.

spirit is a hard, tough, baby.  gregory corso

spondee heart,

stuttering odes to the cold cold city.

talk slow

the head emerges from the shadow and the shadow emerges from the head and so on.

the right distance near as possible.

the spirit hits you and you fall down.

i throw myself to the dogs of eternity.

tree tings.

weeping over the passion

when you get to the end you go back again.