Saturday, August 31, 2013

my battery is running low and i have to go but i want to urge you,

don't forget your nose.
hop on top.

pollen bear.

it's impossible to love just one.

you sure got that right.

when i see myself in a bees eye i feel perspective.

sumtimes a foggy notion.

or, i feel hung up and i don't know why i say i don't know why.

Killer Elite Elect. or, we filter some water, we kill some folks, that's how we do this thing.

for brooklyn (mitch)

i feel somewhat responsible for your three broken ribs. if i hadn't asked you to get the italian volcano juice from cosco and you hadn't gotten it and then having related that, followed me and cop to pebble beach, you wouldn't have fell   . i remember that day, cop and me went merrily swimming and you vanished and i thought dang that mitch just disappeared, and you were unconscious on the below the parapet with princess. i'm really sorry, man. when can i get my juice?

"i think it is important to note, he was not always a killer. the killer inside came out when he became The Law. perhaps we all have the killer inside, but we don't all kill."

chronos chorus, or, patience my ass, let's kill somebody.

once you get a taste for killing you don't want to stop. the killer inside you doesn't want to stop. when you have ultimate power and absolute impunity, it's what they call a no-brainer. 

o, b!, o, child, why!, that spells mannish boy. he will kill again.   

tiny wincing pangs in small spaces amplify horizonn

please rain only at night.

he's good at appearing to pretend he's doing what he's doing.

bull in fog

ha huh ear

punific symbols, a crazed quilt.

bad thriller. what compels us.


knowing when to wait here isn't a matter of choosing.

the view last night from my plateau to the next.

have you seen the dancer upstairs? malkovich is crazybad. 

Friday, August 30, 2013

mr. cop


i thought about that entry about my old friend who truly does love alan watts. i'm sorry about that, it doesn't belong in this blog, it's just a preoccupation of mine, something i haven't worked out. anyway if daniel ellsberg was whistle blowing today he too would be indicted by obomba. apropos of nothing i suppose. heros and villains. the rich are our rulers. alan watts was esoteric. collateral damage is de rigeur. but even cloud-hidden, paul, alan watts would abhor the collateral damage we inflict. he was a man of peace.

the shortest distance between two points is a dog.

speak into my good ear. the other one's a convulvular bell.

for all the birders and the birds they bird, word. and bless you for allowing dog geeks and dogs to haunt the bird periphery.

i didn't really like the color of that last one. color is so dang tricky it's psychological. getting back to copper, he doesn't always smile, when he is rock hunting he's quite serious, but when we were walking across the spider bridge this morning i was thinking. i like to lean back on my heals and watch as he passes people and see his smile engender smiles. they don't always smile even though he's smiling, the scowlers scowl for instance. but the scowlers scowl may soften too and they may find themselves smiling despite their scowl and then feel a bit disoriented at the temporary displacement of their scowl in the face of this strange new creature. no matter, when it is no longer displaced, when it is truly and well lost, they will not miss it.

peace, babies, i'm just here to rock.

self reliant on interpreters.

mute witness is bess.

it was perfect without will. for no reason whatsoever.

maybe you is a seeker after all.

today i read my mind.

my heart dallying.

i will sit here but i won't look at you.

ok i look at you.

we will work this out.

or, what was all we ever wanted.

instantransubstantiation (station).


undoubt two.

undoubt three.