Tuesday, December 31, 2013

i was wondering about the parrots.

small prints.

coyote foot.

coyote left, copp right.

cribbed from cecil b. demille, The Master (not to be confused with that quasi l.ron hubbard vehicle.)

art thou for corporeal?

blessed are the rich.

render unto obomba for he hath many drones.

y'all best give it up or y'all be terrorists.

why tempt me, ye hypocrites.

tho shadowed by the cross, he left happiness and peace in his footsteps.

lies, lies, and propaganda.

i am the resurrection and the life, muthafuckas.

loose him

let him go

all the sacrifices shall be freed and the money changers thieves and murderers enchained.

he who would not be king

dog of dogs

my kingdom is not of this world  (nor any other)

the flesh indeed is willing, but the spirit is weak.

father, the hour is come, i done finished the work you give me, and i am ready for vacation.


confuse the people! scatter the tribes!

who among you wants an ass kicking?

i can't hear you.