Thursday, June 30, 2016

we're compelled by the life force, tom dance with these overwhelming forces.

we're compelled not to let them rule our fear, to confront them, to show them our small powers.
it's the same water.

and we're the same. we hate machines, guns, bombs, violence. but we're compelled to face them. 
today i realize how brave he is. he confronts his fear head-on. 
he may yet be afraid, but he triumphs.

mister boy, i'm proud of you.

 in your mightiness, you touch me.

He doesn't run from this surging power. He runs toward.
i'm not sure if it's terror or pleasure, fascination sure, once you face it, terror can be pleasure. he's surely engaged, he's certainly alive.
The Little Merman.

Fen versus the inland sea.

I was thinking etymology, terrier, terroire, terror, when he ran down this sea wall below me.

He was barking like a loony person and then a wave came up and gave him a cartoon smackdown. hmm, i wonder if i should show this.

 I pop down to pluck him up, and immediately he wants to return. He's engaged. He's enchanted. He's scared.

 See your anger turn to humility in the sea. 

You are small and she is vast, but respect her and she will accept you.
on the way we stopped at this animated fen house. i don't know if he suspected where we were going.
 always returning.

oh it's all out of order i cant be bothered back to the beginning 
when i say, Fenny, don't you want to go to sea?
Fen hits pebble beach.

 Fen among the magic dancing water drops.

 The problem is it's so wet.

 Well, i brung him to da beach.
Barking the Waves.

Barking the Waves II.

Fen DuSable.

na-na-na-nana, i got lily's ball.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

There are so many of us, let us have another war.

for Apichatpong Weerasethakul.

Oh my little monkey, water we gonna do.

We're not all grooving on the same vibes any more. 
Everybody's grooving on different vibes.
Ugly vibes. 

Yeah. Some people give me the creeps.
And as far as the animals on the extinct list go,
they obviously don't have what it takes to make it.
Survival of the fittest and we are winning.
I say kill them all off and let's start worrying
about some real problems instead.
Now don't get me wrong
I love nature as much as the next guy but
enough is enough.
There's no style, except overkill, 
you know, if that's a style.
Our typesetter makes too may mistakes.
She's a little stoned most of the time. 
Personally, I've been through one too many youth movements.

Let me touch the tips
of inculcated desire and brush
the fettered veil away
Shut down in the depths i lay
Shut down
in the depths

They call us a public noosants.

Evolution is a process
too slow to save my soul.
I got this creature on my back
and it just won't let go.
If i'm only an animal
then i can do no wrong.
They say i'm something better
so i gotta hold on.

Three cheers for the decline of western civilization.

fen was trotting along staring left and i followed his eyes and saw it was a pooping dog sillyhouette on a lawn with No! printed on. He was staring like it was a tempting invitation.
no incident is isolated.

i among the dogs dread the coming independence day.

And never have i felt so deeply at one and the same time so detached from myself and so present in the world.   albert camus

baby suzanne and the red whale.
Here's the question i want to ask you; would you rather play trivial pursuit or go swimming?
Sweet Boy, How'd you get so cute.

Maybe i can only be authentic with dogs.