Thursday, December 31, 2015

copp came back from the vet a second time so listless i had to carry him from the car. i'm going home and praying for him and mom and s.l. and d.r. and myself while i'm at it. my pagan prayers to a pagan god and a host of pagan angels, ahem.

i hope we have the same dream.

banana bread.
pink and yellow and soft gray black and white.
smart and homelike.
the life we've been given.

copp on a quick ride.

it'll happen, the spirit can not be killed, there will be spirit revolution, and we will overcome the merchants of death.

it's on us.

arcane playground.
going to loseyanna.
fye ever get out of here.
mr roy holds sway over this town.
sagittarius rising in the milky way.

hold me while everything caves.

heal my brother

me and mister roy.

under trees.

i feel kinda woozy.

i think i gotta lay down here in the snow.

 i feel a mysterious yoke upon me.

they're here again, the twinkly charms.

well well well, oh, well.

dog and fallen man.


mister was clinging to me yesterday and barfed. today i found a nickel and a pink tinkerbell figurine and told charles things were looking auspicious but copp was sick and now he's at wake's to check for a possible foreign object.

dubious crown.

i need the truth.

what profiteth the man kills.

there was no turning the other cheek, there was just the cold hard slap of reality.

katy sagal survived married with children and emerged with integrity in sons of anarchy. m. with c. was profound in it's utter vacuity which was the point but a redundant pointless point like dumb and dumber and dumb and dumberer too and even more dumberer, like insulting people for being so very dumb americans while entertaining them with even more stupid ones.  it's odd to talk about these shows.

but we liketh sons of anarchy for we are anarchist too.

fen and two punkins.

sons of anarchy.

suzanne's right, i look ugly in my photos. but copp looks lovely.
i guess i get what i deserve.