Tuesday, September 11, 2018

i know there are parasites in nature and human ones too and i was wondering how they say everything happens for a reason but what could the reason for my sweet lulu hosting parasites or the people hosting parasites like trump and bolton et al. god works in mysterious ways whether you believe in god or not. nuff said. but today i thought lulu's parasites do have a certain mellowing effect. i thought before they were only making her anxious. perhaps it's both, but today i talked with her calmly and she leaned into me and whether it was the parasites or lulu mellowing to me, it ain't a bad thing. i wouldn't wish a parasite on anybody for its mellowing effect, well maybe bolton and trump et al. and i thought it is true that those human parasites do have a similar effect, sure they incite hate in the stupid, but they buy and large can have a mellowing effect on the intelligent and sensitive among us, inciting a healthy hate for hate, like strong medicine, and a healthier urge to find balance and love, and to become part of creation rather than reveling in destruction.

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