Friday, September 28, 2018

it's a culture of negative reinforcement. rather than be rewarded for good behavior we are punished for bad behavior. but look at kavanaugh. he's been rewarded for bad behavior his whole life. he's made a career of bad behavior, and he's gotten to the very top of the abusive patriarchal pyramid. but at the point when the giants get so huge they loom over the land casting their shadow over everything is when they are the most vulnerable. whatever happens to kavanaugh now, he is a fallen man. and that could make him even more dangerous, not to individual victims, but to all of us. 
i wanted to think about the culture of negative reinforcement as it affects me and my relationships, with people and dogs, and myself. i see more now how positive reinforcement is revolutionary in a negative context of coercion and control. that's what kavanaugh, and trump, and the prison complex, and the arms industry and the politics of endless war, embody. and whether it is conscious or not, whether it is remembered or not, it is what i would call evil, what is evil is violent control of the freedom of other beings. this plays out in the community with children and dogs, and adolts too. 

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