Wednesday, December 26, 2018

i don't want to drone on, though i guess i do it anyway. i'd rather be lilting and brief, if not uplifting. it's quite a boring, incisive, discomfiting, depressing, enraging, diminishing subject. someone in the film who came from africa said we can talk about female genital mutilation, or what the medical establishment calls female circumcision, but we can't talk about male genital mutilation, or what the medical establishment calls simply circumcision, since we typically don't do such things to girls here, though some of the the mutilating tribe of medicos are pushing it for girls here too. we condemn it in africa, since it isn't our tribe, it's tribal, and backward, barbaric in fact. though one jewish doctor said he does mutilations for tribal reasons, but that's a tribe of a different color, an affluent tonality, a ruling class hue. that's a tribe with power to decide what is mutilation and what is a simple hygienic procedure, for your own good. anyway slavery was the norm here, and now we have the prison industrial complex, so change does happen. more kids come out, there's more of a spectrum of sexuality and pyschological makeup, and more bullies, and in this mashup maybe something like evolution will ensue, if we are one of the species that survives our species mutilations and species wars.
i'd have to admit though, while we're still in between the holidays and in the spirit, this may come as a long groan, and a drumming drone, and i wince as i guiltily deliver it.

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