Thursday, December 27, 2018

i ask you please to join in the obomba center lawsuit. we don't need a monument to an american power politician in the park. we don't need the secret service in the nature sanctuary. everything about this plan is antithetical to the needs of people and nature living here.
i'm thankful that the nichols park advisory council has voted to join the protect our parks lawsuit.

"we're interested in whatever happens in any park, especially if it's any kind of threatening event. the overwhelming feeling behind what we did and why is that we believe that destroying one landmark to build another is self-destructive. parks are not land that's waiting to be developed. parks are already developed. they are in public trust for public use," npac president stefanie franklin says. 

this landmark will replace green space and habitat with a tower to power that will kill birds and block the light.

parks are not real estate.

big mac realty may call their tower a solstice, but we call it a vortex. it's a grim glass mountain that makes its own hard weather. obomba's tower will be shorter than mac's vortex, but its shadow will engulph both the park and the neighborhood.. 

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