Saturday, December 29, 2018

history, with respect to time, is divided into
ancient and modern. 
the father of modern history is the progenitor of the modern lie. 
none of this would be possible without the great lies of our forebears, ghost-makers, who launched the ships with lies about geography in ignorance and empire, blundering on these shores, with disease and lies, annihilating green space and indigenes. 
first came the sacred history, and then came the profane. eventually, in modernity, the great lies came to be considered sacred. and there was no rest for the wicked, while the great liars ruled everything. 

r. gave me a book of history from the nineteenth century. it's pages are browning nicely, and the covers coming off, like america. i went to the chapter on america and of course it starts up again spouting leviathan lies about columbus. they didn't know any better we moderns say, but what do we know better? we still teach that columbus discovered this place that had no name, and that it was made flat and laid out like a grid, with stakes for the pounding. 

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