Wednesday, September 12, 2018

we got back in the water today thanks be though it was a little milky green 
it is doggone good i care not if it's a dead zone it feels alive to me. 
i watched before human flow this film about the dead oceans 
and woke late after unrest. but you know what r. says 
you got to watch what you eat especially before bed 
but i swear i watch this civilization collapse unprompted in my sleep.

i was thinking of a phrase, it seems i keep making or trying to make the apt phrase something about this so-called civilization is madness blah blah blah 
and even before it's a draft it is adrift in the wind off the lake lofting the last wanderer butterflies on their migration across the southern border and beyond.

i was thinking of the phrase again after-swim as i listened to a man chanting with his dog and a bottle of red on the sea wall. i thought, maybe he's crazy, well hell i'm crazy too 
i'm just chanting silently, it's this so called civilization. 

i stop and dry mister with my t-shirt and hang it on the honey locust to air 
and do some fifty push-ups proud chested and while i am the man comes by 
and asks how old my dog is smiles and directly i feel he's not mad like the civilization at all he's a sane kind of crazy like our genius emily d. though his dog may be a bit overprotective. he has him on a yellow plastic chain, but neither seem mad or angry in the least, 
at least not with mister and me. they emanate appreciation and curiosity. 
i thought this is fine yes it's the civilization is insane, not him or me, not we, 
this civilization makes dead zones everywhere but here we are by this tiny swamp 
humming with life.  

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