Friday, September 7, 2018

robin and mister had not seen each other in several years. though he is so loving with everyone it's hard to tell if he remembers, but i don't think he ever forgets a person, especially if a person is wooed by his charm. what i love is he greets you with the same enthusiasm the next day as he would years on. 
just after this picture i ducked into the limestone corral for a pee and mister stayed with robin. a minute later he came running through the meadow looking for me anxiously. in the past he would have been calm if he knew i was near and he was with a friend, now he gets worried if i'm not in sight. of course i do too.
i might think about memory more than anything. how little we know about the brain. it's mystery. it's like we can't see it because we're in it. more mysterious the more we see. the way we know less the more we learn until we unlearning may return to or arrive at some revelation of innocence and be wise beyond the tale.  
it is the strangest thing to feel your own mind, how it can go blank, or spin about in anxious constellations. how much we rely on familiarity. how we need love and connection to feel ourselves, to know who we are and why. how we need to be continually reminded and reassured. and when our memory goes, how essential to be remembered. we want ever so to be acknowledged, remembered and recalled, we want so keenly not to fade away.

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