Wednesday, February 13, 2019

we endorse gabriel. mister piemonte is our friend, but he's also a good friend of the community now facing dire developments by financiers, speculators, privatizers and real estate predators. the obama fundation and their money constituents are threatening the commons, the parks, the neighborhood. they have the money, but only the money, they don't have the community at heart, and we have the people.

from the chicago maroon
Piemonte is a former reporter and editor of the Hyde Park Herald. Since 2015, he has devoted himself to the community full-time, pursuing a series of activism and education projects. Piemonte is the cofounder of the Committee to Save Jackson Park, an activist group which sued the Chicago Park District to receive more information about Obama Presidential Center plans. He has actively supported and campaigned for a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA), which Hairston does not support. We believe a CBA is imperative for representing the community’s needs during major periods of development. Piemonte’s involvement in this effort speaks to his tenacious, journalistic spirit and his willingness to take on major stakeholders on behalf of his community. 

i wrote to gabriel:
love the maroon endorsement, i added my humble endorsement on the dogblog. i'm happy to see these endorsements, and when i see the deluge of hairstone signs i get the feeling these are the red and white signs the incumbent days are dwindling.

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