Friday, August 31, 2018

mister and grace.

slave to the rhythm

Work all day, as men who know,
Wheels must turn to keep, to keep the flow,
Build on up, don't break the chain,
Sparks will fly, when the whistle blows,
Never stop the action,
Keep it up, keep it up,

Work to the rhythm,
Live to the rhythm,
Love to the rhythm,
Slave to the rhythm,
Axe to wood, in ancient time,
Man machine, power line,
Fires burn, heart beats strong,
Sing out loud, the chain gang song,
Never stop the action,
Keep it up, keep it up,

Breath to the rhythm,
Dance to the rhythm,
Work to the rhythm,
Live to the rhythm,
Love to the rhythm,
Slave to the rhythm.
                                 -grace jones
toxic monsanto.

monsanto and toxic chemicals: the california supreme court refused to review a lower court decision that rejected monsanto's attempt to remove glyphosate — found in the company's roundup pesticide products — from the state's public list of cancer-causing chemicals. the victory sends a clear message that corporations cannot dodge the public's right to information that directly threatens our health.

monsanto is deemed a person in this world with individual rights and without conscience or regard for life. what kind of person, besides heads of state and industry, reaps silos of profit from raping the earth and killing the consumer?  

if you wanna put a wasp in trump's bonnet, support nrdc- they launch a lawsuit against him every 8 days.

if you rub the buddha's head

you will feel your own head being rubbed.
the knowing
 of discrete things
 god this helpless desire for concentration and dispersal
 the endless intending, the tending of our tendencies 
 struggling toward the sublime source of being and
 you know, before you emerge from the ground, before you can even think of wings, you have to think of flying.

the truth is there but it's subtle. the contemplation of god is helplessness. and heed.  
once you look deep into the eyes in reflection you see them everywhere.
hi littlest cutest magic cicada can i make a wish on you?
sure, but make it a light one, if you please, my wings are not even dry.
um, i really enjoyed our little meeting. 

yes, quite unexpected, i mean i really didn't expect, to meet, you know, someone of, you know, your stature. a quit unexpected, er pleasure, im sure. thanks for puttin up with me. haha thanks for puttin up with me. pleased indeed. indeed please me too.
yeah, it be like that some time.
like what.
oh, i dono, nome sane. 
i do, yeah.
i saw a great heron and a little yellow butterfly go by over the water and i looked over at a fellow bather and she did not seem to be moved. perhaps she was quietly thrilled. i could only see her behind.
they dono wat 2 fear they dono how 2 act they get agrovated they get agresiv nome sane.
yeah i here yas. who?
o, tha autopilots, nome sane, ius jus thinkn ow loud, nom sane.
o i hardily a gree.
mc cane is still disgusting even if he is dead.
oh escuse me honey luna.
it s'not a dun deal, b.o. the fact that the o of opc showed his image at a closed pep rally for the land grab may b shows he's not so shore of his own slick shadow self n e mo.
it is real fun to see my head floating out there.
karin may be getting out of hospital today. remember yesterday i said i will wait til she's released. oh boy. even if it isn't today i know we are connected and we visit through walls and inner space. i found karin an agate today on pebble beach. it reached up to me and said, k.

can't beat free.

it was funny when the police said citizen journalism was inhibiting them from getting out of their cars and doing their job because they might be witnessed. they got that ferguson effect going on. they don't want the trouble. the police were saying that freedom of the press prevents them doing their job, funny. democracy now said if it prevents them shooting people that is a fine thing. they can stay in their cars and spare the people from more harm than they already endure.
where the banner was tied 
on spider bridge
there is nothing there

it went away like the killer cop 
message in the tunnel of feet

now there is no killer cop nor prison
strike banner 
like that 
there are no more prisoners
no one is hungry
where the banner was
is returned to spiders
webs that look older
than today
and will be infinitely
they are not in a natural state
you can't tell what they are going to do in this state
they don't know how to behave in a natural state
they will kill off nature and build a private state
they will misbehave in a deadly state

Thursday, August 30, 2018

i do hope you like cicadas. when i see one emerging from its chrysalis in which it was buried underground i see why they are called magicicadas. this is natural magic and witnessing it makes me feel lucky to be alive. i wish karin could see this in her hospital room. i was set to go there today though hospitals make me nervous and then i learned you have to wait on line like at the airport another thing i dread and show a current photo i.d. so i just have to wait til she gets out of that place. i send my magic cicada to visit who needs no i.d. and can buzz through walls and metal detectors and armed security. i am with you virtually. oh honey.