Saturday, January 22, 2022

 yes we play as if there is no tomorrow assuming there is.

our suffering subsidizes the pandemic profiteers while
our spirits resist destruction and
we play as if there is no tomorrow.

there is no need to run, 

strive, search or struggle. 

just be. just being 

in the moment in this place 

is the deepest practice of meditation. 

most people cannot believe 

that just walking as if you have nowhere to go 

is enough.

thich nhat hahn

Friday, January 21, 2022

i'm sorry about the time that i was bad and i was mean, but for now we need to stand in solidarity, and bend gently together on the wayside, for now all roads lead to the obamachron.

  godspeed you! black emperor, to your luciferian tower! 

                                                                          —the obamachron, 1/21/22


 idle know what happened to her deflated yellow kickball, the 'rents probly chucked it quick, but she was back in the groove with her royal purple squeaky ball although she was kind of playing with my head as well as the ball, when we went from the pond to the food court she pooped and then went round the bird bath and the ball vanished i said whar's the ball, lu? and she looked at me like i thought you had it and oh yeah i think it's over there where i went poop in the ivy no huh maybe it's way back over there by the pond no huh? oh yeah now i 'member, it's in the chair by the bird bath.