Thursday, February 21, 2019

i forget what it's like having a dog around all the time. a dog like mister. he's been panting since he came, and he won't leave my side, unless he's getting r luv. ok i feel a lil pressed. 
the pointers drove me a little crazy too. hilde gobbles snow, the stuff melts too damn slow, in her belly becomes pee. this time of year all the time waiting so tired for spring. so i gotta keep a ball in hilde's mouth and keep moving and she stands still then and watches me and comet leave and stares and then goes round the culdysac the opposite way and i stay comet and give hil chase, then it's leashes all the way and nobody poops and everybody sulks and i finally get comet to poop after repeating the word ridiculous times. i wonder how it would be to be a shadow without a body.
if i dint have a body i couldn't have an orgasm could i but then i couldn't complain.

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